28cm Cermalon Copper Frying Pan

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The best non-stick pan around is now here! Cermalon's Copper Ceramic Pan is great for sauces, porridge, and even frying! It has a solid non-stick coating on a base material that makes terrific dishes without a drop of oil. Regular cooking utensil absorbs a lot of oil while cooking and that makes it hard to clean. This cookware not only prevents the food from sticking, but it's also easy to use and clean. You can also save gas by cooking food faster because it evenly distributes heat so that food is cooked more quickly than using regular cookware.

  • Evenly distributes heat that assures every part of the food is well-cooked
  • Can help you save gas and avoid too much oils to food which can lead to obesity, heart disease or cancer
  • Top cookware choice by chefs and even by moms at home

Includes: 1 x 28cm Cermalon Copper Ceramic Frying Pan