Adidas Pure Game Body Spray & Shower Gel Set

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Move freely and confidently without worrying about bad odor! Adidas brings you a set of Pure Game Deo Body Spray 150ml and Shower Gel 250ml. The Deo Body Spray assures 24-hour protection against sweat and body odour and has a clean and fresh energizing scent. The Shower Gel contains Guaiac Wood extract that has many benefits such as killing bacterias. It has been dermatologically tested so you'll be more protected against itchy and irritated skin. It is really a perfect day-to-day combination for any of your pre-match routines, and a perfect tonic to start each day feeling refreshed and clean! Adidas Pure Game was launched by the design house of Adidas and is recommended for daily use.

  • Inexpensive but complete set that will give you an awesome fresh and great fragrance
  • Men's choice, a refreshing and clean scent that's perfect for the active sportsman
  • It has notes of citrus, amber and greens
  • Adidas Pure Game 2-Piece Gift Set includes 150ml Deodorant Body Spray + 250ml Body, Hair, and Face Wash

Includes: 1 x 150ml Adidas Pure Game Deo Body Spray 1 x 250ml Adidas Pure Game 3-in-1 Shower Gel