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The striking house of body pampering treats by Baylis & Harding. It is comprised of 300ml Moisturising Body Wash, 300ml Luxury Shower Crème, 50g Bath Soak Crystals, and 50ml Body Butter. The body wash and shower Crème are the perfect alternative for your ordinary soap; it's quite convenient over it. These contain moisturisers and function as an all-in-one product. The body butter moisturises and rejuvenates even the driest part of your skin. Lastly, the bath soak crystals improve your cleaning and enhance the enjoyment of bathing. It helps to relieve body pain and muscle cramps. This is a perfect beneficial gift to your love one especially this busy festive season. Give it a try now!

  • The Baylis & Harding Popular scent of a refreshing and balancing spicy and zesty notes
  • It has the scent which balances and refreshes your aura
  • Expertly formulated using only the finest ingredients and the best-trend led packaging designers
  • Includes 1 x 300ml Body Wash, 1 x 300ml Shower Crème, 1 x 50ml Body Butter and 1 x 50g Bath Soak Crystals

Includes: 1 x 300ml Body Wash 1 x 300ml Shower Crème 1 x 50ml Body Butter 1 x 50g Bath Soak Crystals

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