Grace Cole Pear & Nectarine Sumptuous 3 Piece Set

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Grace Cole's Gifting Collection brings you the Smoothing Hand Cream with a precious scent of English Pear and Nectarine Blossom. It gives help in preventing chapping, chafing, and chapping of the skin. This is much suitable for mothers and as well as to grandmas out there. Their skin loses moisture as they age resulting to dry and rough skin that is itchy and unattractive to look. Grace Cole Hand Cream can help restore moisture and elasticity to the skin while balancing dryness.

  • Helps in renewing cells for a healthy, fresh, and youthful look
  • Specially formulated for hands to repair and restore damaged spots
  • Should be used everyday to prevent your skin from looking wrinkled or loosing elasticity

Includes: 3 x 50ml Grace Cole English Pear & Nectarine Hand Cream