Justin Bieber Girlfriend Edp & Solid Perfume Set

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The global music phenomenon, Justin Bieber, inspires his fans to be confident through his fragrances. This bundle comprises a 2.75g Someday Solid Perfume; it has a debut fragrance that has a base of warm vanilla and fine musk which provides softness to the skin. Next is the 7.5ml Girlfriend Eau De Parfum which has a fruity and floral fragrance, suitable for teenage girls. It was marked as sweet, fresh, and inviting scent no one would resist. Last is the more sophisticated scent of 2.75g The Key Solid Perfume Pencil, with a perfect handbag size. It has an energetic, sexy, and refreshing aroma. Its' comprised of a combination of luminous floral fruity and sensual musk, with fascinating woods and vanilla tones. This bundle is the perfect gift to all Beliebers this holiday season!

  • Definitely a bundle of a great present this Christmas especially for girls who are so -called Beliebers
  • These fragrances embody the dynamic and game changing persona of Justin Bieber while encouraging his fans to have self-confidence
  • Fragrances are comprised with sparkling energetic burst of mouth-watering fruits that instantly captivate and inspire

Includes: 1 x 2.75g Justin Bieber Someday Solid Perfume Pencil 1 x 2.75g Justin Bieber The Key Solid Perfume Pencil 1 x 7.5ml Justin Bieber Girlfriend EDP