Mens & Womens Gardening Gloves Set of 4

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Any person with a green thumb will surely be delighted with this Assourted Gardening Gloves Bundle from Kingfisher and Briers. It includes large latex coated gloves for all-around gardening duties. Women will enjoy their hobby more with the heavy-duty but lightweight 100% cotton gloves printed with polka-dots and flowers. This bundle also offers men lightweight gloves, with an elasticated cuff for a comfortable fit in green and white colour combination with polka-dot prints. Both pairs suit well for general purposes. Briers Medium Professional Gloves is made from durable premium quality leather that is soft to wear. It also features a rubberised cuff which provides comfort and support.

  • Kingfisher Large Latex Coated Gloves is for all around gardening duties
  • Kingfisher Women and Men's heavy-duty yet Lightweight Gloves in polka-dot prints come with elasticated cuffs for a comfortable fit
  • Briers Medium Professional Gloves is soft to wear and has rubberised cuff for added comfort and support

Includes: 1 x Pair Kingfisher Large Latex Coated Gloves 2 x Pair Kingfisher Lightweight Polka Dot Gloves (Women's and Men's) 1 x Pair Briers Medium Professional Gloves